Hello and welcome

I’m Vicki and my bio reads something a little like this:

” I cook with passion, I travel with interest and enthusiasm, I like to muse, I love India and I’m a mum to a crazy La Perm and ninja cat.”

My love of food stems from my very first memory at the age of 2 years old sitting on a table in the kitchen accompanied by my Auntie Cathy with a bowl of cake batter, which I was somewhat hap-hazardously mixing with a wooden spoon. Other delicious memories include sampling my great grandma’s cherry plate pies with scrumptious crumbly buttery pastry and banana sandwiches on proper bakers bread. I must admit my culinary repertoire has extended a little since those far gone days, with food experience being gained through owning my own artisan delicatessen, developing local food projects in rural communities and more recently owning a South Indian food business specialising in cuisine from a Keralan Kitchen, delivering pop up restaurant events and tuition. All of which have led me to this point, which I am truly grateful for providing me the opportunity to discover new food adventures time and time again.

For many years I’ve been asked by my customers and friends to share my recipes and as I am continually seeking new tastes and adventures to feed my soul and creativity, what better way to share and keep track of all my ramblings than through a blog.   The Dish Served is a delicious food blog filled with my musings about dishes served, created and consumed. Some dishes will be created and developed by myself, others by family, friends, and professionals, which I will test out along with a few reviews.

Enjoy and as always eat well.